Cats of Dubai

Like in most of the Arab countries there are cats everywhere here in Dubai. And most of the citizens take care of them with food and shelter and even bring them to doctors to avoid diseases and even reproduction. The hot summer here can be hard for the cats, the traffic is dangerous and some humans have a sick behavior towards beings. Besides this straying cats have a great life and around here you seldom know if a cat is straying or just playing 🙂


2 Gedanken zu “Cats of Dubai

    • I feel exactly the opposite… I love animals but hate the idea of pets. Those cats are street cats. And where they are there are no rats. Cats kill billions of birds. But we kill much more with our Chemicals, our agriculture and our masshusbandry. When I walk through the streets here in Dubai there are so many birds of all kinds in the trees while there are cats on the ground. And its like this in every city I ever lived. Cologne, Cairo, Berlin, Dubai etc.

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