Here we have a moment of relaxation. We have a man and his cigar. The blur is not a misfortune, I think they support the moment. I find that not every picture must be razor sharp. You need just more time to view and understand. That’s okay, right?

Best regards: bulb

Hier haben wir ein Moment der Entspannung. Wir haben ein Mann und seine Zigarre. Die Unschärfe ist kein Missgeschick, ich finde sie unterstützt den Moment. Ich finde das nicht jedes Bild gestochen scharf sein muss. Du brauchst halt mehr Zeit um es zu sehen und zu verstehen. Das ist doch ok, oder?

Beste Grüße: bulb


12 Gedanken zu “cigar

  1. Fabulous black and white photo! Have been viewing your posts for a while now and really admire your work.

    May I be so bold as to ask if you would care to take at look at the collaborative photoblog ‚The Monochrome Muse‘ – – that I curate, and perhaps consider joining our group as a contributor? Please, would you be kind enough to take a look around the website/blog where there is more information about the guidelines and ethos of the project. To date, we are a group of nine lady photographers/writers (so far, ‚the boys‘ have not been brave enough to join us!) who all either already love or are just starting to love, black and white photography.

    Photographers of any level of experience are welcome, with the intention of those just starting out with photography to be able to view, enjoy and learn from those with more experience. Currently, we have contributors who reside in Canada, France, Germany the UK and East Coast USA.

    Of course, the – all rights reserved – copyright of any image posted to the site remains with the originating photographer and we would be delighted if you decide to join our very friendly and supportive group, but completely understand if your decision is to decline. With best wishes, Ellie

    Gefällt mir

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