sunset on the roof

Dear sun, thank you for those amazing minutes and the time to try out different styles of Photography and a Video! 🙂

Liebe Sonne, Danke für diese großartigen Minuten und die Zeit ein paar Fotostile auszuprobieren und sogar ein Video zu machen ! 🙂


d c b a 9 8

4 Gedanken zu “sunset on the roof

  1. Agreed, it’s a great set. Although the first image is what drew me to the post, the stand out ones are the second and fourth. The reason for this is that I really like the sense of movement created in the second (possibly a longer exposure) and the silhouettes in the fourth really help to break up the drama captured. The video is a nice addition and is almost a behind the scenes look at how you got the images. In all, a brilliant post.

    Gefällt mir

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