Viktoriapark Waterfalls Berlin Kreuzberg

The Viktoriapark Waterfalls in Kreuzberg, Berlin are good patient motives to try out with flowing water (neither there is sun or not). Here are some impressions and ducks! 😛

Die Viktoriapark Wasserfälle in Berlin Kreuzberg sind gute geduldige Motive, um sich an fließendem Wasser zu probieren. (egol ob mit oder ohne direkte Sonne). Hier sind ein paar Impressionen und Enten! 😛

about Viktoriapark:

have an amazing time

pear & bulb

IMG_9367   wasserfall1IMG_9412IMG_9431wasserfall5 IMG_9439 wasserfall6  wasserfall4  wasserfall2IMG_9420 wasserfall3

9 Gedanken zu “Viktoriapark Waterfalls Berlin Kreuzberg

  1. What a great set. Long exposures and waterfalls always sit together nicely. One of the things I love about waterfalls, infact water in general is how the impact is different on the viewer depending on if you freeze or blur the water. My preference is normally the latter. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be the second image – it’s well composed, good earthy tones and an exposure that highlights the different flow speeds. This said, they are all great.

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    • Thank you very much. This artificial waterfall which we could capture everyday showed us that it really is a matter of perspective, of setting and of surrounding. If you do bulb exposure you all of a sudden realize disturbing items which can be opposite to the flow. The same item in another focus or short exposure could be the key visual for a dynamic dramatic picture and the other way around. So what I do next time when I want to photoshoot a waterfall is to soak the whole atmosphere in and scan the scene before I just start to shoot headless 😛
      best wishes

      Gefällt mir

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